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This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Only a Glorified Cover Band (2016).

This song is a parody of "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin.
Hey, fellas, have you read the news?
You know, the manual's book's black and brown
The Lord gave laws but He wants to see
All who failed them lay their burdens down
He smiles at you with a grace that came on a cross so long ago
To summarize, God's gift is Christ, I stand as one who knows

Well, He gave 10 laws and many more to the Israelites and Jews
And yet those Israelites know why He demands atonement, too
Some people try and some people die 'cause they disobey the Law
But I can't keep God's holy Law without grace from the Lord above

Jesus talks and Paul expounds about the way our best deeds lack
I don't doubt what those people say, I know what they're driving at
One thing we do saves all our lives and you can verify these truths
It's to pray and call on the Son of God's name
And it's not really tough to do, yeah
It's not really tough - there ain't no excuse
And you can do it - believe it

You work so hard but can't help Christ
Get somebody saved
If you might live a thousand times, however hard you tried
Hard labor and time alone can't take your evil away
Go embrace our Savior
Hard labor, hard labor, hard

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