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Enter Samson

This song is by ApologetiX and appears…

This song is a parody of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica.
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See my hair, it's so long!
How'd I get so strong?
There's a clue in this song
I've got you pinned! Always win!
Rip you limb from limb
When old Samson is done!

See me one guy only
Whippin' your Philistines!

Isn't why!
Shave my head!
I'll be just another man!

Something's wrong 'cause my might
Headed south tonight
In the arms of Delilah
She was a thorn in my side
She would nag and cry
And I think she's a spy - yeah!

Sleepin' when I woke up
In came the Philistines

Exit might!
End of sight!
Chained my hands!
Took me to another land!

Now they made me blind and weak (Now they made me blind and weak)
They cavort and hold a feast (They cavort and hold a feast)
If I die a foreign slave (If I die a foreign slave)
Pray the Lord these poles to shake (Pray the Lord these poles to shake)

Watch little pagans! Don't fail me Lord!
They made me blind I'm sure you've heard
Make this a feast they won't forget
Bring this bloodshed on their heads!

Make things right!
End their lives!
Take a stand!

Take this life!
End it right!
Take my hands!
Crush them into desert sand!


Crush them into desert sand! (Shave my head)
Crush them into desert sand! (Shave my head)

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