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Did You Ever Ask Where Cain Got His Wife

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Soundproof (2010).

Did you ever ask where Cain got his wife?
Pick up the Word and read in Genesis 5
'Cause Adam and Evie had daughters besides
And you betcha that's where Cain got his wife

Did you ever ask "Then why was it right
For Cain to take one of his own sisters as bride?"
But so much has changed since the years have gone by
Did you ever let the Bible decide?

That time when Adam picked his wife -- he wasn't naughty
It came down to Eve -- who came from his body
Their children were the only ones in the world
It's not like Cain could choose a thousand other girls

And now you know at last where Cain got his wife
When pickin' the one to be the love of his life
It's no longer legal in our modern time
Read Leviticus in 18 verse 9

Now it's a really different world and billions exist here
And, man, I'm not attracted to my younger sister
And then God the Father took Moses aside
And said, tell 'em leave home, son, when takin' their brides

So if skeptics ever try to get snide
And they ask you dumb stuff just to cover their pride
Just go to the pages of Scripture as guide
Then you never have to blindly reply

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