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This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Zebraic (2017).

This song is a parody of "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne.
Uh huh, life might twist
Uh huh, uh huh, that's the way it is
Yes, life might twist
That's what David's did

Chill out, what you jealous for?
Lay back, King Saul, you've won the war
And if you would only let him be, you would see
David moved away, you are
Gettin' weird and drivin' him too far
And you're talking to a medium, it's stupid-dumb
Somebody else will get all your wealth
You're under attack, with troops turnin' back
Your pride had you fooled, it looks like a cruel defeat

Tell me
Why'd you have to go and make things so tough for David?
I see the way you agonize when somebody else says he's their favorite
You sideswipe the issue
King Saul, you were tall, but your faith wasn't great
And you slipped and you're turning into
A chronically neurotic king, you're never gonna finally change it
No, no, no

News comes over from the south
Guess what? He fights for someone else
David's army's with the enemy, but wait and see
Map out where he strikes and goes
They've fought only Israel's foes
Truth told, David's fooling everyone
But when they're done
Somebody else has been where they dwelt
Took all that they had and moved on with that
Describe David's troops, it looks like a mutiny

Yelling, why'd you have to go and get our things all confiscated?
They scream at David, as we're fightin' somebody else I guess we was raided
Our wives and kids, too
It's your fault and we're all gonna take rocks and aim at your head
And we'll terminate you
Probably but honestly you'd better go and find them, David
Go, go, go go, (go) go (go) go
(Go) go (go) go, (go) go (go) go
Go go

Chill out, 'cause they're well insured
Came back with all they lost before
And with numerous amenities, you can see
Somebody Else was givin' them help
And watchin' their backs, it's truth and a fact
'Cause life can be cruel
The Good Lord is Who you need

Tell me, why in Heaven God would make things go wrong for David
Go read First Samuel 29 and 30 yourself he gets reinstated
Life's got twists, too
This all tends to fall under 8:28
In the letter of Romans if you
Wanna see just what I mean you'd better go and find it, baby

Oh, bro
Why'd it have to go and take me so long to say it (yeah, yeah)
I see the way you're actin' like a Saul but you ought to just be a David
'Cause life might twist you
You'll fall if you're Saul and be safe if you're David
You've got to determine if you
Wanna be in unbelief forever or you've found your faith yet
Don't go, bro

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