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80's Medley: Octagon but Not Forgotten

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Wise Up and Rock (2011).

This song is a parody of…
Read Acts
Read Acts, go through it
When you're done, you go do it
Read Acts, go through it
Anyone can come
Read Acts, go through it
Tell you what, there's somethin' to it
Read Acts, go through it
Many miracles

Bartimaeus Eyes
He heard 'em holler, Ho!
Here comes Jesus Christ
The man would never know
He's got Bartimaeus eyes
He turned and looked around
He don't have any sight
He's sure he soon will, though
He's got Bartimaeus eyes

He says, Jesus
When He sees me
I'll be better, yes indeedy
"'Cause they told us
That He knows just what it takes to make us whole, yes
You gotta get a Bible, look up the guy
Who's got Bartimaeus eyes

Sweet Jesus Made a Whip
Sweet Jesus made a whip
Threw 'em out and despised greed
The temple is more than a den of thieves
Everybody, listen to something
Money is what you use to
Come up with stuff to get used by you
Love of that money can ruin you
Love of that money's evil's root

Psalm Passage at Night
I read a Psalm passage at night
So I can, so I can - watch the way they prayed in olden times
And I read my Psalm passage at night
So I can, so I can - keep scraps of Scripture in my mind

I sleep peacefully
'Cause God's my security
And He's got a hold of me
I turn to Him in faith

Hundred Nineteenth Psalm
Tucked in the center, like a surprise
You'll see a Psalm with earth-shaking size
Ooh, it's acrostic in its design
Because repeating letters open each line

There's much written down
I've got a hunch I'm bafflin' you
Shall I expound? The acrostic is found
In the hundred nineteenth Psalm
It's got a design - it just doesn't rhyme
And it's the longest chapter too
It's alphabetized --22 sections wide
It's the hundred nineteenth Psalm

They Blindly Speak of Science
They're going through the motions
They're tryin' to tenderize the meat
They teach us evolution
Their speech is very Darwin-y
But they blindly speak of science
(They blindly speak of science)
6:20 in First Timothy

One Thing Leads to the Father
The deception's worldwide
To what are you trying to pray
You've got a bland faith - your guru says
Communicate with any god you please
You see I mentioned this to
Make a case for black and white
But then one little cross leaves you shocked - it's unique
You won't discover though you seek
I know the... Truth, Life, and Way
Read John 14:6, baby, one thing leads to the Father
You tell me that I'm wrong - I've been a Christian too long, my friend
One way leads to the Father

I Can't Grow From That (Nor Can You)
Jesus said He's with me all the time
That doesn't stop when news is scary and not so fine
You've got some problems no one wants, I know
You even prayed about them - they won't go

Yeah, but I-I-I-I-I cried through many things that He brought me through
Hey, and I-I-I-I-I'd do only pleasant things if I got to choose
Yeah, but I can't grow from that, no - nor can you
I can't grow from that, no - nor can you
I can't grow from that, no - nor can you
I can't grow from that, can't grow from that
Can't grow from that, can't grow from that

James 1:3
Tough things await
I don't know what - I'm just sayin'
I'll face them anyway
But James says that they refine you
Trials await - I'll be coming through them all OK

James 1:3, They only
Make me strong, They hone me
I'll see God
Whenever they're through

Let's admit it
In the past you slipped
Check on the facts
Babe, your heart is black
Well, you've probably done some wrong
You was wicked
Before you'd been around too long
You was wicked
To summarize this song
You was wicked
We're wicked - it's a shame
Change it up
Change a lot - get straight
Grow purer - you may say
"I'm too defective" - but God can make
The wicked - wicked good

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