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Put A Cut On It

This song is by Aphrodite and appears on the album Aftershock (2002).

Lookin' at my celly it's about that time
to roll up the kron 'fore we cut thru the line
watch crazy ass niggas type flip and bug
while they nod and (missing phrase) off prescription drugs
I tear down the stage in less than one minute
like the dregs who eat fish with the eyes still in it (?)
I ain't gotta keep sayin' it
ya'll know I rep
bring ya whole ship down like the after effects
of a nigga passed out 'cuz his drugs too strong,
trippin' off X an' wanna fuck too long
people live ya life throw a (missing phrase) wet it
Voice projectile have you crazy light-headed
Flip quicker than the brain of a nigga speed-ballin'
Polly with fans (?) til' I hear the weed callin'
Aphrodite, put a cut on it
I'm Rah D-ah
GGA can stay handlin' my B-ah

needs finishing

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