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Album by Aoshi.
  1. Descending Dawn (Meditation Mode) (CitricAcid & S.P.P Remix)
  2. Stay (Aoshi Remix) (featuring Fluttershy)
  3. SECURITY VIP (featuring Versal)
  4. Hemlok (featuring Aoshi)
  5. Big Summer Blowout (Aoshi Mix)
  6. Derpy Swings (featuring Derpy Hooves)
  7. Home (Aoshi Acid Trap Remix) (featuring EileMonty and MEMJ0123)
  8. Tampopo Tempo (Rebirth)
  9. Ante Up Go Fish Redux (featuring Versal, Tay, Biscayne and Buffalo Brony)
  10. FluttERR (TIFWhitney Remix) (featuring Fluttershy)
  11. Heart Attack
  12. Open Letter to /mlp/
  13. Don't Let Anypony Keep You Down!
  14. Remedy
  15. Different Alone (featuring Evdog and LilyCloud)

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