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Procemium / A Viking Belief

This song is by Antiquus Scriptum and appears on the album Immortalis Factus (2009).

.In the midst of the fog wanders the misanthropic spirits of the ancient times.
It's filled of prowess, it's filled of pride, it's filled of hate

.A long time ago in Scandinavia there was a Viking belief.
About Valhalla - The golden hall in the skies, destiny that all man pleaded.
Besieged in Asgard, had five hundred and forty doors,
Protected with an unending roof of shields, was the home for a warriors core.

.Odin - The paramount god, master of Berserks and father of all.
Tor - The mighty one, Mjollnir's owner, killer of giants.
Valkyries - Choosers of death, horsewomen armed with Gungnirs.
Freyr - God of fertility, the son of Nord - Lord of the seas. (Adage # I)

.Then arrived the Ragnarok - The twilight of the gods.
A cataclysm that after three winters, left the world absorded to the evil lords.
The Muspell bonfires wasted all the creation. Odin and Tor thus died,
Only their sons survived to extermination.

.Loky - Naughty and fickle, free from chains at the final battle.
Nidhogg - Dragon of Niflheim, men's devourer and tormentor of Yggdrasil.
Jormundgand - The world's serpent, poison and damn of Midgard.
Fenrir - The feral wolf, released from Gleipnir, swallowed the sun. (Adage # II)

."Three roots opened three ways below the ash Yggdrasil.
Hel is under the first one, the giants of cold are under the second one
And mankind is under the last." - The lay of Grimnir (popular)

."Amongst the forest's singing trees, ferocious flames lick the funeral pyre.
Their song makes bones freeze, a pale face stares against the moon

The golden hall in the skies, in Valhalla Odin and Tor are waiting.
Blood runs red across the sword, before the Armageddon, forever, the Goblins' song

.Amongst the forest's singing trees, ferocious flames lick the funeral pyre
Blood runs red across the sword, before the Armageddon, forever the Goblins' song."
(Words of Istar)

.A heritage remain, in the northern winds of tragedies
The vagrant spirit of Normand Drakkars, shall forever terrify the seas.
Bygone amazement, permanent on folklore and mythology.

.They fought for pagan prosperity

.(Adage # I/II)


.Asgard (land of the gods), Berserks (warriors), Mjollnir (hammer of Tor),
Gungnir (lance), Muspell (warm zone in the south of Scandinavia),
Niflheim (cold zone in the north of Scandinavia), Yggdrasil (tree of the
World - or cosmic tree), Midgard (land of the mortals), Hel (land of the dead),
Drakkars (Viking bouts)

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