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Have You Been Loved?

This song is by Antichrisis and appears on the album Not Fade Away (2012).

Sure you've come a long way
From the backstage of the past
Till you found out one day
All their assertions just didn't last

Their actions spoke louder than their words
Your dreams and needs seemed so absurd
Too entangled to see what you went through

Have you been loved
Like you need it?
Have you been loved
Like you deserve it?

The way you look tonight
With this sadness in your eyes
I wish I could turn back the hands
Of time and make them look at you
The way that I see you
The beauty and love that you shines in your heart

Yesterday's ghosts sometimes still haunt you
But your spirit keeps up the fight
So brave, so strong - it's no wonder
That you made it through your childhood nights

Now I'm here to stay with you
And whatever you're going through
Even if some tears should fall
I'll be there whenever you call

The past has gone now, my love
You're walking away from what they've done
And together we're facing a new morning sun

Have you been loved...

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