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Crossing The Line

This song is by Antichrisis and appears on the album Not Fade Away (2012).

We are stars
Being watched from the gutter
This is our seedtime
Into light
Through the darkness of Ulthar
We are crossing the line

Saw your strange breed
Far from a distance
Veiled by black night
Cold wind's blowing
Sunset's fading
For ravenous parasites

Still we stand
In silence we're waiting
For the Fates to decide
For the last time
You've missed your chances
Are you ready to die?
'Cause we're crossing the line
Crossing the line

All your warlords
Prophets and masters
Paved the way to decline
With their lies, greed
And egomania
Have they fooled you each time

Just a few
Had the courage to fight for
What was worth to defend
But you laughed at them
Making them martyrs
Facing such bitter ends

Still we stand
Anxiously waiting
Their sentence is passed
We're releasing
The Hounds of Damnation
Armageddon divine
As we're crossing the line
Crossing the line

And the Angels came down from heaven
Clothed in clouds and rainbows crowned their heads
And their faces were like a myriad of suns
And their feet like pillars of fire
And they cried with one voice
And seven legions uttered their voices
And the angels lifted up their swords to heaven
And swore by her
That liveth for ever and ever
That there should be time no longer

We're the stars
That will never be looked at
By human eyes any more
Now the Earth
A Garden of Eden
Won't have to suffer no more

Hear the birds sing
Their beautiful farewell
To the Angels of Doom
Riding back with the souls of those who loved
They'll find a new home

Still we stand
In silence we're waiting
'Cause the Fates stlll decide
For all creatures
Grandeur and freedom
We're defending the line
Defending the line

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