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True Love

This song is by Anti-Depressive Delivery and appears on the album The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery (2010).

Born in a tiny run down wooden shack
Downtown San Francisco
Her innocence was history well before she made ten
She never learned how to say no
So many guys, so many lies
She couldn't tell right from wrong
Her mother died, and she cried
The only one she had was gone

Twelve years old and all alone
Freezing in the street, with no idea what to do
Only one solution
Forced into making her living
At the one thing that she really knew

Made herself a fortune
Attending cops and politicians
Soon she was the busiest girl in town
Lawyers priests and thieves
As well as shrinks and physicians
She'd greet them all in her golden evening gown

Nobody stands a chance when she puts on her light
Without a word she'll make you get down on your knees
Soon you don't know if it's day or night
She takes you to the top, her face is just a blur
And when your time is up, your heart belongs to her

Everything has changed inside your heart
After what she did to you
Even though she took all your money
You just know her love is true

She puts her pride in her profession
She takes it to perfection
She knows what she's got and sure knows how to use it
She's got rhythm, she's got soul
She's a grown woman but she ain't old
She's got true love for sale
Get in line and get yourself some true love

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