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This song is by Anthony B.

Emperor Selassie
Liveth and reigneth in ah you and I
Sit up pon the throne in ah Mount Zion
My Lord

Rumor dem ah spread say Selassie dead
How the body fe function without head
Say Marcus Garvey and Emmanuel gone
Without the trinity say life couldn't gwan

In ah Psamls 87 that's where me see clear
His foundation is in the Holy Mountains
Glorious things are spoken of thee
Mention Africa and Babylon to me
Ethiopia city of the Almighty
The most high was born there His Magesty
All my springs are in thee
Unnuh better sing this song to be free

You know I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I fear no evil that mean me no haffe fret
Selassie is my shield and my guide
And Him will always be by my side
Iniquity see me haffe run and hide
Blaspheme a talk bout Selassie died
Dem had no pride

Stop for a while and look inna yourself
Lace unnuh shoes and buckle unnuh belt
Wash in His blood wunna will forever have health
Dis the trinity, like butter unnuh ah guh melt
Unnuh better uplift unnuh self and be wise
Now is the time wunna all realise

Off ah wunna face tek off the disguise
Sing along

Repeat Chorus, then repeat Verse 1

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