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Packin' a Gun

This song is by Ant Banks and appears on the album The Big Badass (1994).

Sample: "Never leave the pad without packin a gun" -> Eazy-E {*1}

Let me drop it on the one, heheh
Real smooth youknowhatI'msayin?

Chorus: unknown singers

If you think this shit is funky
Don't be a punk, nigga, just get in the groove {*1}
And if you think this shit is funky
Don't be a punk, nigga, let it get into you

(Ant Banks)
Yeah, check it
Well let me hit it like this, fool Ant Banks is back
Still comin' way tight, straight gangsta mack
You see the bitches know I'm loaded, smooth as a poet
Droppin' shit like a pigeon just to let you suckers know it's
The grip that I clock that makes the hoes jock
And niggaz get to trippin', and talkin' hella shit and
Don't you know your bluffin ain't enough you see
That all you mark motherfuckers can't FUCK with me
So bring it on 'cause I got somethin' for ya
Mac-10 strong, smoke that ass like doja
Break that ass off, until I leave yo' ass broke
I'm icin like Tyson boy I ain't no joke
A lot of niggaz now think they made of steel
Too tough to get took, and that's for real
But let me tell you like $hort nigga, that's your life
Cause niggaz I know get took every night
Tryin' to show out and look good for the hoes
But everybody knows how the story goes...

The bitches ain't shit 'cause they all into gafflin
Break a hoe jaw, and I might start laughin'

That's how it is so you better play it safe
And get you a gat in a smooth ass place
And you will never trip when you're tryin' to have fun
But nigga you should {*1}


Slap the hand *boom boom*
Put a cap smooth in that ass
I want you to just slap the hand *boom*

(Ant Banks)
Late night trippin' on a Saturday night
Hangin' at the Uptown, hoes is tight
Thinkin' to myself, "Yeah I'm finsta make a come-up"
I'm doin' the first tramp bitch that wanna run up
Seen a little tight one, the bitch said, "Hey!"
Rushed that ass to the store and got the Tanqueray
Pulled over to the side, now I'm cold on the mission
Threw the bitch in the back and put that ass in position
Baby broke me off, Ooh somethin' kinda proper
Bitch was so tight, I didn't wanna stop her
Now a nigga trippin', sippin on gin
Drunk as fuck, and out comes her boyfriend!
Time to call it quits, cause the fool might trip
But the nigga shoulda known that a bitch ain't shit
He reached for the do', now I got him in focus
.380 on that ass, now his life is like hopeless
All over one little stupid dookie bitch
With a funky ass cock and some juicy ass lips
But I never trip when I'm tryin' to have
Yeah nigga now I {*1}


Slap the hand *boom boom*
Put a cap smooth in that ass
I want you to just slap the hand *boom*

(Ant Banks)
Yeahhhah, much props to the motherfuckin Dangerous Crew nigga

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