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I Am The Resistance

This song is by Anphisbenah and appears on the album Infinite Mutable Fundamental Form (2004).

Open your eyes
I AM the resistance
How dare you stare AT ME?
Taste the reality
You low capacity
You cannot defeat ME!
Life of no action
Is just a reflection
You are another nothing!
During my life
I learn and believe
I AM the resistance
Won't you see?
The crazy man, that believes,
Is more than just your life at stake
You don't realize the errors you commit
Taking what,
Doesn't belongs to you
Raping child, in your nightmares
You don't deserve
To breath the air
I will see you die in terror!
All that waits, for you after this life
Is emptyness, there's nothing at all...
But, I CAN heal your mental illness.
I can heal your mental illness

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