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Cold Blackhearted Golddiggers

This song is by Anouk and appears on the album Paradise and Back Again (2014).

Cold blackhearted golddiggers

I guess that too much generosity
Is making people take you for a fool
And at every opportunity
They'll even try to get some more from you
So they'll cheat and lie
But I will let God deal with the things they do
'Cause when they get their hands on all that gold and paper
They forget to say thank you

But will money bring the things they want
And does it solve the problems that they face?
'Cause when everything is said and done
They will find out it's another day
Full of emptiness and lies
And they can grab as much as they can
But it will never buy them one seat in heaven
Oh, when money rules them

Let me tell you
Money's never bought me anything
I said nothing, no nothing at all
I said nothing, baby
I said nothing, baby
Nothing, nothing, nothing at all

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