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On Top Of The World

This song is by Anonymous.

Nine O'clock. Seems I've been driving too long.
The night is almost here and the day is almost gone.
And I can not wait as I pick you up for the first time
And I can see the summer in your eyes
And it makes me feel alive.

Red cups in hand and we're out with our friends
Hoping over fences running wild to no end.
And we'll share a glance at which you smile.
Being with you is worth all my while.
And we'll hide out together and drink to no end
With my friends Mr. Daniels and Captain Morgan.

And we'll look at the time but won't want to go home
'Cause when we're apart it feels so alone.

And those days have gone by but they won't leave my mind.
And I can not believe that you were with me.
'Cause you're out of my league, but I knew you were true.
Cause you made me feel a way that I never knew
I was on top of the world with you all along.
And now that it's over and I realize you're gone.
I just wanted to thank you and then to move on. Cause without you I would've had no reason to be young.

Throw your hands in the air and grab another brew.
Start the night off right and keep it real cool.
Yeah we're grilling out back and chillin' in fact.
And I stand with good people 'cause they'll always get your back.
And I can't think of another place that I'd rather be
Than right here right now just all of you and me.
'Cause we're all in this together loving fun and feeling free,
But we always gotta go when the man in blue shows.
'Cause he won't let us be. No he won't let us be. Just let us be.
Cause some people will never like me,
But I am who I am and that's the best that I can be.
So there's nothing I can do but to grab another brew,
Sit back and relax and enjoy the view
Of the sun going down, down into the ground.
Living these nights to the fullest. You know we'll never ever slow down

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