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Freak Out

This song is by Anonymous.

Freak Out - Maybe 'cause I'm a star
Just because I'm pushin fancy cars
Freak Out - Chalk up another notch
Could it be the diamonds in my watch
Freak Out - Guess what? I don't even know
You think somebody tell her I got dough
Freak Out - Whatever, only do what you feel is clear
Long as we can freak out, I don't care

Park my Jeep, my Land cruiser blue
Hit the spot laced up like I usually do
The way I shine is a crime, cats might want to assume
Nothin' new, I been on the walk out here with a few

Has to wonder, Nut gotta slide with her
(Backwards), check your riches, son, I concur
Hit her long from gutter loans, get her sprung from wetter tongues
Body bangin' like a whole set of drums

Damn, wit time flat, spit my game
Drop a quarter by her nice thighs, "This your change?"
Who these fake-trackin' field cats runnin' the see?
You can take this both ways, you're comin' wit me

On the real, need to feel some of that, lay wood like a lumberjack
From the side, little hair from the back
Of course, wit protection, never ever let 'em leak out
Words I speak out, who's a freak out?

(Nutta Butta)
Ah-yo Nut, come here, is my vision a blur?
You know I ain't seen this [BACKWARDS], look at the hips on her
Shorty's mad phat, see every inch of her stack, black
Gotta act like groceries, bag that

(Word, son, take one, no, take two)
Too late, son, you know I seen her first, don't hate, son
Forget it, I spit at her to get her wit it
Like a friendly game of baseball, we all can hit it

That sounds doper, stet it, now Teddy set it off and rope her
End of the night we all get closer
What up mutt? See y'all might know who I am
Gotta sec, 'cause you need to meet the rest of the fam

Nothin' I'm sellin' but this is quite true, chicks like you
No tellin' what [BACKWARDS] on a nut might do
You lack, no if, and's and but's
'Cause when you're done, you'll know why they call me Nut

First of all, before you freak out the foreplay
Don't rush the lady, POP the chardonnay
Let her know the gentile manners you mental

Meanwhile she's wonderin' whether the in was out
No doubt, tip your glass, let the white wine soar
It might taste so-you're to a tongue that's poor
She want to know if I gotta girl, of course

Does the Teddy Riley have a mansion and dogs?
Keep it true, fool, so my time invested will be youthful
[BACKWARDS] puttin' 'em up for poo poo
No need to lie when your lingo's so tragic

She could be made the mandingo and gotta have it
Two [unknown], pink hearts, and blue diamonds as I stab it
You must think I'm lucky charms, silly rabbit
No tricks for the tale, that's the big cash to man

My only mission in this is kick dis a plan, freak out

Time to freak, let's go get the boys
Now we reached, oh what a joy
Just come on down, to the hits, boy
Hit the spot, we're havin' a ball

Freak Out!


Written by:

Bernard Edwards; Nile Rodgers; Todd E. Gaither; Teddy Riley; Aqil Davidson; Menton Lewis Smith; Markell Demont Riley

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