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Ordinary Dance

This song is by Anna Tivel and appears on the album Small Believer (2017).

Come up to the house and ring the bell
Beware the second step is rotted through
And all across the lawn the fallen leaves
Behind the door the shuffling of feet

A face appears between the parted blinds
Just haunted by the heaviness of time
And click the lock and slowly creak the door
And nobody remembers anymore

Nobody remembers anymore, it's just another story that never got told
And ordinary dance across an ordinary floor
Nobody remembers anymore

Inside the house the air it doesn't move
A TV set recycling the news
And pictures on the table by the stairs
Just gathering the dust of passing years

And everything is changing in this town
The supermarket aisles are bright and loud
And telephones and complicated wars
And nobody remembers anymore

And oh, oh my god, I wanted to do something great
And oh, but I loved, and I guess that'll do anyway

And all the kids are grown and gone away
You know times were tough but they turned out ok
They come to visit once or twice a year
They clean the gutter, fix the broken stair

And who will ever know the time is right
And the lucky ones they just turn out the light
Close their eyes and let their breathing slow
And nobody remembers anymore


Written by:

Anna Tivel

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