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Voice of the Bayous

This song is by Anita Carter and appears on the album Anita Carter Sings Folk Songs Old and New (1963).

Down in the swamp they're gathering tonight
Voodoo boats in the pale moonlight

Um-a-pa palesu-va um-a-pa palesu-va um-a-pa palesu-va
Voice of the bayous voice of the bayous

Voodoo queen's a waitin' waitin' all alone
Waitin' on my man to claim him on her throne

Um-a-pa palesu-va...

Voodoo queen is tryin' tryin' for my man
Made herself a potion gonna get him if she can

Um-a-pa palesu-va...

But I make myself a dart and stick it full of pins
And when the moon is dark as blood her troubles will begin

Um-a-pa palesu-va...

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