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This song is by Animal Hate and appears on the demo Fatal Error (2003).

He was playing, playing all the time
The new game really got him
He felt subconsciously that there was more involved
He sensed it but he did not accept the consequences
The ardor of of the game only strengthened his ignorance.
He was plying, playing for a long time
The substance of the game thrilled him
To create an intelligent form of life
To try to reach ist longest existence.
However, the created life was dying easily,
At the top of the civilization blooms
It was destroyed by pandemic diseases.
However, then the work was thriving
The MANKIND was holding the position for a long time
He was proud of having found the trick
- The crative aggresivity!
They coped with diseases hands down
They managed even more
A new entertaining element - wars.
However, he was not able to cope with everything
Wars and madness
Getting out of his control
Passed to a gruesome Armageddon
The vexed GOD swallowed a tear:
"Why? It si just a game"

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