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Tyrant Syndikate

This song is by Angstridden and appears on the album Fuck Humanity With Pride (2008).

Metal lancels shining cold
Cruel blades drowned in memories of blood and pain
Sleepless spirits scream the terror
Among the walls of neurotik carnage

Titanik chambers of mutilation
Waiting (to welcome) the wellknown holocaust
Hot streams of melted flesh
Flows through the corridors of agony and pain

Humanity standing still in front of the view
Of the re-opening gates of the factory of fear
Desperation and horror make them shiver
Laboratories of death - the history of human race
Is fulfilled…

What a relief!
We create the Aryan form of life
Visioned a brand new world
Pure fuckin' manifesto of Hate

Command for war
Genocide of the humanborns
They cannot hide
We erase the heart of the weak

We march with Diginity upon your wretched pride
We castrate your dreams of bees and flowers motherfuckers
As we rise the banners of the white fear
Over the ashes of your tortured faith

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