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Rose-Tinted Suicide

This song is by Angel Haze and appears on the album Dirty Gold (2013).

You're the shade of the saddest December
Rose colored petals that tragically wither
With my tongue on the thighs of a sinner
And I keep praying father forgive us
And I come back to you for redemption
Till I feel you rise up inside me like tension
All the thoughts on the mind you've imprisoned
Have faith in the god you envisage
And I praise and I stroke you to pieces
Till you cum in the dark and release me
And I beg at your feet when you leave me
Till my tonsils are sore from the screaming
Till my knees hit the pavement your feet hit
For the hem of your garment, I'm reaching
You're the only god I've ever believed in...
You're the only god I've ever believed in

Lost in you tonight
I could worship you for life
Keep me rising like the tide
The tide
I've got heaven on my mind
I've got God here in my sight
Could you stay and take me high?
Me high, high...

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