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Sin Is Wack (2009)

Sin Is Wack

Sin Is Wack

  • Recorded under former stage name, C-Lite
  1. Night Of The Living Dead (featuring Ravi Zacharias)
  2. New Creation
  3. Sermon Jam 1 (featuring Ravi Zacharias)
  4. Washed (featuring Paul Washer)
  5. Jesus Over Hip Hop (featuring John "Word Up" Itolia)
  6. Who's Watching
  7. Sermon Jam 2 (featuring Paul Washer)
  8. The Cross

In My City (2011)

Andy Mineo - In My City - Single

In My City

  • Recorded under former stage name, C-Lite
  1. In My City (featuring Efrain)

No Tombstone (2011)

Andy Mineo - No Tombstone

No Tombstone

  • Recorded at TRACE Records
  1. No Tombstone (featuring Sheena Lee)

Formerly Known (2011)

Andy Mineo - Formerly Known

Formerly Known

  1. Goodbye (featuring Eshon Burgundy)
  2. Let There Be Light (featuring Lecrae)
  3. Formerly Known (featuring Co Campbell)
  4. Pick It Up (featuring Beleaf)
  5. Young (featuring KB)
  6. Every Word (featuring Co Campbell)
  7. What's It All About
  8. Hello World
  9. Everyday Thing
  10. Listen
  11. Fools Gold (featuring Sho Baraka and Swoope)
  12. Whatever Comes
  13. Pressure (featuring Co Campbell)
  14. Michael Jackson (featuring Thi'sl, Rich Perez, R-Swift and Bubba Watson)

Saturday Morning Car-Tunez (2012)

  1. Hands High
  2. Shut Em Down (featuring Co Campbell)
  3. Next Episode (featuring Sheena Lee)
  4. Benjamins (featuring Rich Perez and Izz 1)

Heroes for Sale (2013)

Andy Mineo - Heroes for Sale

Heroes for Sale

  1. Superhuman
  2. Ex Nihilo (featuring Christon Gray)
  3. Ayo!
  4. You Will
  5. The Saints (featuring KB and Trip Lee)
  6. Caught Dreaming (featuring For King & Country)
  7. Bitter
  8. Shallow (featuring Swoope)
  9. Wild Things
  10. Take Me Alive
  11. Uno Uno Seis (featuring Lecrae)
  12. Cocky
  13. Curious
  14. Still Bleeding (featuring Co Campbell)
  15. Tug of War (featuring Krizz Kaliko)
  16. Death Has Died

NeverLand (2014)

Andy Mineo - NeverLand


  1. Never Land (featuring Marz)
  2. Paisano's Wylin (featuring Marty of Social Club)
  3. You Can't Stop Me
  4. Rewind (featuring Kam Parker)
  5. All We Got (featuring Dimitri McDowell)
  6. Paganini (featuring KB and Canon)
  7. Death Of Me

Uncomfortable (2015)

Andy Mineo - Uncomfortable


  1. Uncomfortable
  2. Uptown
  3. Now I Know
  4. Desperados (featuring Mali Music)
  5. Hear My Heart
  6. David's Roof
  7. Rat Race (featuring Jon Bellion)
  8. Know That's Right
  9. Vendetta
  10. Ghost
  11. Love
  12. Strange Motions (featuring Willow Stephens)
  13. Make Me A Believer (featuring Mac Powell)

Songs featuring Andy Mineo

Other Songs

  1. Reverse
  2. Stop The Traffic

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