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La Booga Rooga (1975)

Andy Fairweather Low - La Booga Rooga

La Booga Rooga

  1. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It
  2. Jump Up and Turn Around
  3. Halfway to Everything
  4. La Booga Rooga
  5. Champagne Melody
  6. If That's What It Takes
  7. Ton Crazy
  8. Grease It Up
  9. Wide Eyed and Legless
  10. Inner City Highwayman

Sweet Soulful Music (2006)

Andy Fairweather Low - Sweet Soulful Music

Sweet Soulful Music

  1. One More Rocket
  2. Hymn 4 My Soul
  3. What'd You Take Me Be
  4. Ashes and Diamonds
  5. Bible Black Starless Sky
  6. Don't Stand
  7. Life Ain't No Competition
  8. Zazzy
  9. The Low Rider
  10. Unbroken Love
  11. I Don't Need
  12. Sweet Soulful Music
  13. Life Is Good
  14. When I Grow Too Old to Dream

Zone-O-Tone (2013)

  • Andy Fairweather Low & the Lowriders
Andy Fairweather Low & The Lowriders - Zone-O-Tone


  1. Dance On
  2. Deep River Blues
  3. Let Me Be Your Angel
  4. Roll Ya Activator
  5. Hard Way to Go
  6. Breakin' Chains
  7. Love, Hope, Faith & Mercy
  8. La La Music
  9. Unclouded Day
  10. Mother Earth
  11. You'll Never Beat the Devil
  12. Blood Toys
  13. Unclouded Day (Slight Return)

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