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There Is More To Love

This song is by Andrew Lloyd Webber and appears on the album Aspects Of Love (1989).

There is more to love,
So much more,
Than simply making love --
That's easy.

Gazing into eyes,
Pretty eyes,
Which could be any eyes --
That's crazy.

Hands are just hands,
A face is just a face...
They come and go --
They're easy to replace...

There is more to love,
So much more,
Than moon-struck escapades --
That's nothing.

There is peace of mind,
So much peace,
In quiet company --
That's something.

Everyone but him
Seems wrong for me...
Every time I feel
There has to be

If I could hear
The music I heard then,
I'd never let
It fade away again...

Now each time
Love reaches out to me,
I can only feel
There has to be
So much more
To love...

There is more ot love,
So much more...

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