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Album by André Rieu.
  1. Love Theme (From "Romeo And Juliet")
  2. Lara's Theme & Somewhere My Love (From "Dr. Zhivago")
  3. My Heart Will Go on (From "Titanic")
  4. The Second Waltz (From "Eyes Wide Shut")
  5. Heigh Ho (From "Snow White")
  6. Moonriver (From "Breakfast At Tiffany's")
  7. Sirtaki (From "Zorba The Greek")
  8. The Godfather (Main Title Theme)
  9. Bolero (From "10")
  10. John Dunbar's Theme (From "Dances With Wolves")
  11. The Windmills of Your Mind (From "The Thomas Crown Affair")
  12. Edelweiss (From "The Sound Of Music")
  13. True Love (From "High Society")
  14. Stranger in Paradise (From "Kismet")
  15. Romance (From "The Gadfly")
  16. Once Upon a Time in the West (Main Title Theme)

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