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My Heaven Is Lost

This song is by And The Golden Choir and appears on the album Another Half Life (2014).

My heaven is lost
I'm alone again
Flowers in rain and flowers in vain
Amazed how cold you tell me to go
With the golden flow

And this is love
I feel it's bitter force
It hurts every day, every night we have lost
In all shades of grey
Enough alone
But the golden is gone

My heaven is lost
It's been down for hours
You're here once again
It's late in your blue eyes
My death is a lie, I'm happy again
And golden is the flame

Hey, that was a joke
My smile is a broken colour that shifts through your body, you now
So please come back again
I am in the flames

You were so afraid of our slow decay
That you rather slowly turned away
The whole thing is over, we dance over the floor
It remains the golden core

Oh we collapse and we tend
To dissect our legend
Oh your blade is sharp again
Oh this end is the game

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