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My Brothers Home

This song is by And The Golden Choir and appears on the album Another Half Life (2014).

Put your ear on the rails
I've never seen a train on this trails
Brother where are you... - oh I miss you so
And what have I done?
Invented my brothers tongue

I quiver, I cry and glow
Brother you're here I'll never let you go...
I pinned your heart to my family, oh
It shines so bright
My brother you are inside!

Give these ways a thirst
My dear, we never end
All your damn good words I trust
Wherever you enter my nervous past

Live these days like the first
My dear, we never end
Know, you'll never die alone
My cope will always warm your throne

She slices my lies in stripes
She always finds new faults in our lies
Sister, I scatter all my stations
But you bring me back home
Whenever I fall and drown

She sold my brother's home
I hung within the walls alone
She scattered my brother's home
The train came fast, I was alone

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