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It's Not My Life

This song is by And The Golden Choir and appears on the album Another Half Life (2014).

As I try
To keep it back
I'm not a saint
There's this lack
Not like you
Young and wise
Sunshine rise!
Light up the skies

It's not my life

Your success
Never a crash
All your style
A big sharp lash
All my thoughts are calling loud
I cut my rope
You grow a sprout

It's not my life

On your way
Through black or white
Not a stray cat
With stray eyes
Every step is always right
You are the day
I am the night

It's not my life

You take a sniff of...
Play and hide
Again first prize
Again a strike
I fill my nights
With many drinks
I take the clash
Stumble over things

It's not my life

You have the girls
Beneath the gloss
The gold the glitter
They're soft like moss
I have the fishes
From the pond
They're swimming silent
Tied and bond

It's not my life

I was the weaker
Child of us
You were the star
You had the rush
And you will go
With nice white stripes
And I will go
To leave the nights

Is not my life

Every soul is a rose
With their barbed, poison arrows
Uniforms will bleed insight
This is more than just your life
I grab the knife to take you out
Incredible pain, inspiring shout
I sink down, in my heart the knife
I lose the confidence - my life

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