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Under The Wings

This song is by Anatomy and appears on the album Where Angels Die (1996).

Welcome all home- The wings have guided me
Welcome all home- The blood "Sea of an eternity"
Welcome all home- our dream is reality
Welcome to hell- to you the journey of damnation at last

Slowly the Gods have been watching
The power is storming throughout the fog
I pray for Armageddon
And answer, we'll answer
Under- under the wings
It's more than death for an eternity- under- under the wings
Under world burn

Straight through the crust of the earth
The war is all we need down under
Fly high and bring the thunder
Now we have taken the mother
Earth and Shredded all the ancient blood
The seeds of power are sown
My Lord Satan rises up!

So long he's been waiting
For what is to be within the fire
Damned to be never to be freed within the fire

Sign for your soul
Or I'll rip you all apart
Bow down to me
Live by my blasphemy
Bow down to me

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