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Just One More Nail

This song is by Anatomy and appears on the album The Witches Of Dathomir (1999).

Last memories, the painful claws of anguish, the eternal night.
Open the door and see me once more your blood trickles in parallel starlight
He who vows to nail the whore sets rust in my mouth with delight
Hammer once, erected twice
I scream for just one more nail...

Vindictive envied rust born nitros...

Darkest glance on horizons ain't no black hills of hope
Ambrosia feeds my quest as I take my last bite
Embrace my new love fuck it only midnight
Sail, fly further, die, die tonight
Misery pasts just as quickly as I have failed
I'm left here screaming for just one more nail.

Just one more nail
Just one more fucking nail

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