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Far From The World Of Blue

This song is by Anatomy and appears on the album The Witches Of Dathomir (1999).

Fiery splints of pain, the hallow spirit is in the gails,
Now pour down with bloody rain, he weeps in the shadows with shame.
Far from the world of blue, lies a shallow womb, a plain of two,
Travel here in spirit tonight, and unleash the chaos in my mind!

Cast downthunder from above, bring forth my kingdom with storm,
Blackened are the skies of blue,
An impenetrateable beam of darkness shines though.

Four moons shine so bright, feathered wings ruffle in flight
Dagger in hand, I await the final command,
For tonight is forever the death of man.

Far from the world of blue, lies a shallow plain of two.
Fury set the night alight, power and tides unite,
Only the black swallows the blue, fear the fucking darkness,
Let it pass unto you, can't change your mind now,
Emotions swirling, your ancestors howl, you're living in darkness
Embrace it and live vindictive for a new day

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