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Stag (2001)

Amy Ray - Stag


  1. Johnny Rottentail
  2. Laramie
  3. Lucystoners
  4. Hey Castrator
  5. Late Bloom
  6. Measure of Me
  7. Black Heart Today
  8. Mountains of Glory
  9. Lazyboy
  10. On Your Honor

Prom (2005)

Amy Ray - Prom


  1. Put It Out For Good
  2. Driver Education
  3. Rural Faggot
  4. Give In
  5. Covered For You
  6. Blender
  7. Sober Girl
  8. Pennies On The Track
  9. Rodeo
  10. Let It Ring

Didn't It Feel Kinder (2008)

Amy Ray - Didn't It Feel Kinder

Didn't It Feel Kinder

  1. Birds of a Feather
  2. She's Got To Be
  3. Bus Bus
  4. Cold Shoulder
  5. Who Sold the Gun
  6. Out on the Farm
  7. SLC Radio
  8. Blame Is a Killer
  9. Stand and Deliver
  10. Rabbit Foot

Lung of Love (2012)

Amy Ray - Lung of Love

Lung of Love

  1. When You're Gone, You're Gone (featuring A Fragile Tomorrow, Brandi Carlile, Jim James and Lindsay Fuller)
  2. Glow
  3. I Didn't (featuring Brandi Carlile, Heather McEntire and Lindsay Fuller)
  4. From Haiti
  5. Crying in the Wilderness (featuring A Fragile Tomorrow)
  6. Little Revolution
  7. The Rock Is My Foundation (featuring Brandi Carlile)
  8. Lung of Love
  9. Give It a Go
  10. Bird in the Hand (featuring Brandi Carlile)
  11. This Train (Revised) (live at Empty Sea) (featuring Jeff Fielder and Lindsay Fuller)
  12. The Rock Is My Foundation (live at Empty Sea) (featuring Jeff Fielder and Lindsay Fuller)

Songs on Bootlegs

Other Songs

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  1. Fallin' Star
  2. I'll Be There
  3. Just Passing Time
  4. Losing Touch
  5. No Way Out
  6. Passin' Time
  7. Slow Moving Sea
  8. Sweet Gypsy
  9. The Distance Remains The Same
  10. Thursday Afternoon

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