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The Wilderness Of Mind

This song is by Amsvartner and appears on the EP The Trollish Mirror (1997).

Sickness is growing - yet only health is shown
The whispers are enthralling - my sense is clawn
My personality is splitting - I feel such pain
Surroundings twisting - am I insane

Plunged into oblivion - a place of dreams and thoughts
I'm at the edge of darkness - and about to fall
To a different kind of self consciousness
I've lost the track of time
In this spiral of mind I'm floating down

I don't need my body to exist in this world
And not forced to follow the stalked out road
The wilderness of mind
The madness of time

At last I'm free from the chain that's holding me
I float deeper into the wilderness of mind
I gather strength prepared to go further beyond
The dweller on the threshold bestow my entrance

A pale man held my hand
And threw me back into the world of the damned
I knew whar to await
An when the journey was coming to its end
I could see my life without end

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