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Memories Of Faded Kingdoms

This song is by Amsvartner and appears on the EP The Trollish Mirror (1997).

Shattered memories
And shredded thoughts
Once in the northern wasteland
Life was a struggle
Against sworn enemies
For those who wear cross
We shall never surrender
We are in no need
Of thy shining god

I deny thy god
Oh fool of the book
Our life and belief
Is written on the wind
Among stars in the sky
We are one with universe

Memories of faded kingdoms
Once again I will see
As I stand on the threshold
To all my dreams

The words of madness bring us sadness
Spread through our own mythology
I won't accept it I defeat your god
For now and all eternity

God can't help you now
On the day of damnation
I'll lurk among shadows
The night won't show
When you reach for the skies
And life drains from you eternally
Thy warm blood
Unites with the crystal ice

We are one with the universe

The freezing gales that blew that night
Brought a hint of remembrance of faded kingdoms
That every time we heard the wind blow
It brought back a piece of the ancient time
And awoke our

Memories of my faded kingdoms
Once again I will see
As I enter the threshold
And beholds eternity

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