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Khaleeny Ganbak

This song is by عمرو دياب and appears on the album Allem Alby (2003).


Khaleeny ganbak
Keep me by your side
Dom 'alby fi 3az shou'ee
Embrace my heart at my passion's peak
Me7tag li hobak ba3d
I need your love after
tool sabr el layaly
the prolonged patience of the nights
Nzarit 3aynik bitnawar
The look in your eyes illuminates
el donya fi 3anaya
the world in my eyes
Ana nifsi a 'oolak
I want to tell you
alf 7aga leek fi baly
1,000 things on my mind.

Ghayart 7aly bi kilma wa7da
You changed me with one word
'ol taha ba3ynak
said by your eyes
Ma'adirtish ansa loon 3ayounak
I can't forget the colour of your eyes,
ya 'amar layaleek
oh moon of your nights
Ana bin eideek
I'm between your hands,
'addam 3ayneek, ahh ya 7abibi
before your eyes, oh my love

Anadeek 7abibi walla omry
Can I call you my love, or my life,
walla 'oolak eih
or what can I say to you
wala ay kelmit 7ob 7elwa
and no beautiful word of love
towsif elly ana fih
can explain where I'm at
ana bin eideek
I'm between your hands,
'addam 3aynik, ahh ya 7abibi
before your eyes, oh my love

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