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Inta Ma Oltesh

This song is by عمرو دياب and appears on the album Allem Alby (2003).


enta ma'oltish leh mel'awel
en hawak ya 7abiby keda
wana 'al fakroo 7elm we tawwel
ba'a m3'ool bit7eb keda

Law kol 7abib lo 7abib
w dah 7alo
kan galo keda
w ghanalo

Lil ya lil ya lil ya lili la ...

kollak 7ira w shaghil balak
'ol wertaa7 weshghelny hawa
dally ye'ablo 7abib fi gamalak
ay gera7 yala'elha dawa

hafdal a7ebak a7ebak a7ebak
wala 3omry ha'ool
3ala feen ya hawa
howa ana a7lamy fi donyet 7obak
kan 'alby yetool ne7lemha sawa


Why didn't you say from the start
that your love is like this
and I thought it was a long dream
can it be that you love like this?

If every lover has a lover
and that's his way
he would come to him
and sing
Lil ya lil ...

You're all confused and concerned
get it off your chest and fill me with love
He who meets a lover with your beauty
would find a cure for all his ailments.

I will continue to love you, love you, love you,
and I will never ask
where me love is taking me
my dreams in the world of your love
were beyond my heart's reach to dream with you

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