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This song is by Amphibious Assault and appears on the album District Six (2003).

Distrust is what will separate
A close felt bond just dissipates
Wishing time would freeze for us
I feel as if live's just futile
Love is just so volatile
I've been waiting all this time

What have you done?
You've made me feel?
I can't believe that this is for real
Restlessly sleeping foolishly weeping
Sighing wishing bleeding

Familiar smell fire touch
Has never ever meant so much
Why aren't you run of the mill
Is it because we are the same
Romantically violent, harmful, tame
A constant state of love and war

And maybe in time I will heal
From all dreadful things you've
Made me feel
A four letter word, a suicide kiss
I don't know if I'm ready for this

I'm dying

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