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Searchlight (Demo)

This song is by Amphibious Assault.

The searchlight waits,
To illuminate the darkness in this land,
Beggars they wish,
For someone to extend their hand,

But we are now left with none...

A cold war peacetime,
Fuels a struggle of divine,
Magnitude and strengthens weakness,
Illuminates the searchlight,

Armed with our expectations,
Ammunition set and ready,
Words of venomous persuasion,
Am I your political fatality?
What if I set a blaze to,
Everything that you've ever made?

It's not right...

But we are now left with none...

This cold war peace time,
Fuels a struggle of divine,
Magnitude and strenghtens weakness,
Illuminates the searchlight,

"You know what I think is psycho Roc? These decent men, loving families, go home everyday after work, and the turn on the news, you know what they see? They see rapists, and murderers and child molestors... they're all getting out of prison.."

"For a few seconds... this place was armageddon!"

We amass and wait to strike,
CEO's bite down hard on the teeth,
That some kid gave,
His arm to make,
This greed lives,

"There was a firefight!"

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