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Love Letters Addressed To Dying

This song is by Amphibious Assault and appears on the album On Better Days and Sin Eating (2006).

Dear deadly black:
Again, I send you this note of undying love.
And all the hurt, and scorn and hatred
And the hearts you strike down.
Please let me be the next victim, in the mass slaughter that you plan soon.
I adore you, when your cold fingers of death touch my sordid flesh.

Cause tonight I will soar
I will find you
There is nothing that could stop the flowing river
From my heart
Of love letters addressed to you.

And through the blinding light I finally see it now.
Your fingers reaching out for me in a longing embrace
And then I fall... to?

Such a fool
'Cause it's so clear
Stripped of all
The scars that's befallen me
Such a fool
'Cause it's so clear
Why won't you just take me in?
'Cause I love you. and I always will.

And then the angels take me away
'Cause they know that I'm finally ready
To die
And just to be in your arms again
Together forever bound by death
Ascending to where... we belong.

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