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District 6

This song is by Amphibious Assault and appears on the album District Six (2003).

Its '66, and I've got my god
Cause it seems that only
God is gonna get me
Through this
Where do I go? I've got
No one.
Times were so good, I can't
Believe this is happening.

Bring your bulldozers
Break down buildings
Along with hopes, dreams
And aspirations

But do you even care

You've lost it
This racist bullshit
I'll face this ailment
I'll make firsts raise again

You rape and you pillage,
This ignorant spillage
An evil rat case
An evil death rage

Take my land
Take my memories

You can take the people
Out of the heart of
District 6
But you'll never take
District 6 out of the heart
Of the people

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