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Album by Amon Düül II.

Note: The 2006 release has a slighty different track listing, with "Phallus Dei" as the first track.

  1. Kanaan
  2. Dem Guten, Schönen, Wahren
  3. Luzifers Ghilom
  4. Henriette Krötenschwanz
  5. Phallus Dei
Bonus Tracks on the German 2001 Repertoire Records Edition:
  1. Freak Out Requiem I
  2. Freak Out Requiem II
  3. Freak Out Requiem III
  4. Freak Out Requiem IV
  5. Cymbals in the End
Bonus Tracks on the 2006 Revisited Records Edition:
  1. TouchMaPhal
  2. I Want the Sun to Shine


  • Dieter Serfas - drums, electric cymbals
  • Peter Leopold - drums
  • Shrat - bongos, vocals, violin
  • Renate Knaup - vocals, tambourine
  • John Weinzierl - guitar, 12-string bass
  • Chris Karrer Wikipedia16 - violin, guitar, 12-string guitar, soprano sax, vocals
  • Falk Rogner - organ
  • Dave Anderson - bass

Guest Musicians:

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