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Compilation by various artists.
Side 1
  1. When First Unto This Country by Ian & Sylvia
  2. V'La L'Bon Vent by Ian & Sylvia
  3. Katy, Dear by Ian & Sylvia
  4. Rambler Gambler by Ian & Sylvia
  5. C.C. Rider by Ian & Sylvia
  6. Ella Speed by Ian & Sylvia
  7. The Greenwood Side by Ian & Sylvia
  8. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well by Ian & Sylvia
Side 2
  1. Midnight Special by Odetta
  2. Boll Weevil by Odetta
  3. I Know Where I'm Goin' by Odetta
  4. Special Delivery Blues by Odetta
  5. The Fox by Odetta
  6. Devilish Mary by Odetta
  7. If I Had a Hammer by Odetta
  8. Hold On by Odetta
  9. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child by Odetta
Side 3
  1. Roving Gambler by Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  2. Diamond Joe by Ramblin' Jack Elliott
  3. The Brown Girl by Hedy West
  4. Cotton Mill Girls by Hedy West
  5. Little Moses by Mike Seeger
  6. Young McAfee on the Gallows by Mike Seeger
Side 4
  1. Barbara Allen by Joan Baez
  2. Silver Dagger by Joan Baez
  3. Mary Hamilton by Joan Baez
  4. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You by Joan Baez
  5. Matty Groves by Joan Baez
Side 5
  1. Way Downtown by Doc Watson, Clint Howard & Fred Price
  2. Salty Dog Blues by Flatt & Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
  3. Jimmie Brown, the Newsboy by Flatt & Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
  4. The Storms Are on the Ocean by Maybelle Carter
  5. Groundhog by Doc Watson
  6. The Old Account Was Settled Long Ago by Clarence "Tom" Ashley, Clint Howard, Fred Price, Jean Ritchie & Doc Watson
  7. Little Orphan Girl by Doc Watson
  8. Amazing Grace by Clarence "Tom" Ashley, Clint Howard, Fred Price, Jean Ritchie & Doc Watson
Side 6
  1. Long Gone, Long Gone by Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
  2. Starving to Death on a Government Claim by Sam Hinton
  3. I'm Just a Damyankee by Sam Hinton
  4. I Had a Bird by Sam Hinton
  5. Un Canadien Errant by Ian & Sylvia
  6. C.C. Rider by Mississippi John Hurt
  7. Stack O'Lee by Mississippi John Hurt
  8. My God is a Rock in the Weary Land by Bessie Jones, John Davis & Georgia Sea Island Singers
Side 7
  1. True Religion by Erik Darling
  2. Woody Knows Nothing by Erik Darling
  3. Fod by Erik Darling
  4. I'm on My Way by Erik Darling
  5. Stagolee by The Rooftop Singers
  6. Houston Special by The Rooftop Singers
  7. I've Been Working On the Railroad by The Rooftop Singers
Side 8
  1. Woke Up This Morning by The Weavers
  2. Below the Gallows Tree by The Weavers
  3. A Walkin' and a Talkin' by The Weavers
  4. Bye, Baby, Bye by The Weavers
  5. The Banks of Marble by The Weavers
  6. When the Stars Begin to Fall by The Weavers
  7. Ramblin' Boy by The Weavers

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