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The Voices

This song is by Ament and appears on the album Heaven/Hell (2018).

Swerving into traffic
Only to miss the cat
Into the sink hole
Flying through earth's center

Voices rage, havoc ensues
I'm violent, violent, violent for your love

My hands are like Gibraltar
But they still handle a rifle
Shooting angels for kicks
For the moment I feel manly
The ghosts of all the generals
Tell me that it's my time

Voices soothe, candor renews
I'm violent, violent violent for your love

Together we're tornadic
The power, it's ridic
Original and uncomfortable
A landfill is the vortex

Voices enslave, I'm so naive
I'm violent, violent, violent for...

Your love is the buoy
In a desert of failure
Your love is the riddle
The fool is the clue

Voices rage / messes made
I'm violent, violent, violent for you
Voices save / leftover hate
I'm violent, violent, violent for your love

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