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This song is by Ament and appears on the album Heaven/Hell (2018).

I used to know a believer, a follower, a child
A boat without a sail, a blank slate unrivaled
Until she left and watched and listened
And I formed

He resisted of the cloth, a boy of the altered
Until she read and wrote and sang
And I formed

I don't need to believe that by adding silver to her
Clouds will carry my sins to the skies (forgiveness)

I used to know a disciple, a servant to a shadow
That rained nightmares and hurled tablets of Pharoahs
Until she stood and fought, pushed back
And I formed

Used to live apart, lazy and carefree
Until he walked away, in search of the play

I don't need to watch you reel, she wants to
Believe, please help her receive

I hope there's a magic that shines on the good
A keeper of the meek, the tired and the weak
I hope there's a judge who sees through the damned
A punisher of the cruel, a ruler of man
I even hope for a god, on a cloud and some angels

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