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This song is by Ament and appears on the album Heaven/Hell (2018).

The repetition of persistent step after step
Crashing through the dry stock / of the state
The scape, an abyss of every regret / every
Overthought wrong turn / in this cellulite life
Littered gliterati, the weight off / off springing
Consuming the lot / what's little / what's left

This edition of / the headline / the mainline
Falls short until no feeling left / no beings
Pointing a gun turns this cowardly finish
A more cinematic and manly end
And this / this is an end

The contrition used / to come easy but there's
Too much / too much passed / to much regret
Rotate, pro rate every day, every drag
Until it's all muted greys / clouds and sea
Buildings and sand / dust and bones
The same

(Obviously, I didn't take enough drugs)

I go no way to see through this lens undefined
Refined in... intentions only get in the way
A thanklessness / of digging through old receipts
Unpaid, way laid / can you dig what's left?
I got no scope / to hear through this filter in guise
A wasteland of shapes and ideas unrevealed
Appeal to those who need the easy fix

I got now way to see through this lens unrefined
Difiled retentions only get in the way

A helplessness / mission of digging out / digging...
Unforgiven, driven / you will dig what's left
I got no hope to find the Centaur in his guise
A wasteland of shapes and ideas unrevised
A full stop, a long rest

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