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Fall From Grace

This song is by Amanda Marshall and appears on the album Amanda Marshall (1995) and on the album Intermission: The Singles Collection (2003).

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Fall From Grace
Performed by Amanda Marshall

Lost inside this angeltown
Lost like I could not be found
No connections of the heart
Love was glass that broke apart
Gimme faith in dreams
And someone to hold
Gimme love 'cause I'm out here in the cold
There are no secrets
No angels at my door

And oh, when you touch my hand
I fall from grace
And oh, when you reach for me
I fall from grace

On a steeltown boulevard
Life's a promise that doesn't last
Resurrections of the past
Children come and are gone so fast
So gimme faith in love
Baby tonight
Gimme arms to hold you here so tight
There are no secrets
No angels at my door

Chorus repeat


Written by:

Kim Bullard / Marc Jordan

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