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Guitar Star

This song is by Alvin Stardust and appears on the album The Untouchable (1974).

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Well I went to a jam - with the best in the land
Had to show what they could say
There were trombones, sidephones - every kind of saxophone
Itching every chance to play
In a corner stood a guy - looking kinda shy
Carrying a guitar case
But then somebody said "It's your turn son"
And that's when he hit the place
He went

Everyone stood up - 'cause they had to see
Who the heck was making noise
Everyone agreed - he's a guitar star
'Cause we should know the men from boys
"You gotta play - you gotta play son -
"Son - you gotta play all night"
Now that's what I call finger lickin' pickin' chicken yeah
Back home - country style

("Got a job - anytime you want it boy")
Well somebody said - "He's way out ahead
"'Cause nobody plays that fast"
The record man there - nearly blew his hair
He never heard a sound like that
"Jimmy won't you sign - sign on the line
"Tell me what you want from me"
He said to be a star - "I wanna be a star" oh oh yeah!

Oh Jump! - Jump! - Jump Jimmy jump

Well he just stood there, walking up and down
Like my mate John Skelly.
Oh it's finger licking working so hard
Ooh! - Lay it on! - Play it! - Someone's got to .here
Do, do it!.. do it again
Come on, Rattle Em!'
Yeah, lay it on down!
Hey you gotta give this boy a chance - man
Come on down here and sign him up
Oh! There he goes again
This has got to be a hit record I'm sure
Oh scramble them fingers Johnny!

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