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Brooklyn Bridge Blues (Choruses 1-9)

This song is by Allen Ginsberg and appears on the Compilation Kicks Joy Darkness: A Tribute to Jack Kerouac (1997).

From unpublished poems by Jack Kerouc
The Brooklyn Bridge Blues,
And I'll be reading 9 of 10 Chorus'
Most of 9 of 10 Chorus'
In the late afternoon we couldn't find the 10th chorus
So there's still the mystery to come, how does it end?

Chorus # 1 of "The Brooklyn Bridge Blues"

Winter, too cold to write
On the bolts of the beams
In the bridge steel
Overlooking whole auroras
Of Sangsara sun dusk
Down by the Statue of Liberals holding
Soon to be lighted
Torch to the dim dank
Atlantic famous sky
Where Greek ships plow
Through sullen waves of iron
Bringing tons of rusty junk
To be pressed into bales
And left on waterfronts
Of splinter
I would I were a wave and had vanished now than bawl and blot with pencils in screaming rooms here on earth so fool stupid blind

Second and Third Chorus'

That's intro
And that's horse shit verse. Let me tell you the truth of the world at last. I started in Brooklyn and went over the Span and at the middle hump I looked and thought. My mother had just told a fib, and in the process made me a liar in my stepsister's eyes. I lookt my mother dead in the face and her eyes were hard to find and almost hidden behind those glasses and all that "insecurity" necessitous grime that had accumulated there in the form of Sangsara's Sorry Flesh. to prove to her sister, aunt, whatever Laurette is,

That all the time it's she who sends me money she denied that last summer for no reason at all except I wanted her to be happier in moneyless Rocky Mount and I had a temporary surplus from the $300 American Academy prize, I sent her a 50 money order----Denied it! Fibbed! didn't even wink! My own mother! Wow! The work of Sangsara! This false world--and the Lord says in the Diamond Sutra, Keep the Precepts, Don't be insincere, it's one of the Paramitas (it's one of the Four Precepts)! (Ah you Canucks! says Lucien Your first fight with your mother and it's over m o n e y ...!) Ock! True! Wow!

Chorus Four
I looked at the red winter
Disgusting dusk of the world,
Saw the alleys beyond,
Brooklyn, Wolfe's redbrick
Jungle (that I'd only
Last night walkt, unto
Gowanus Cana!)----O!
--& I remembered the dreams
The dreams about racks
And Joan Adams and drear
And a tear appeared
In my eye over the river
On the Bridge of Sights
That as soon as I'd
(C r o c o d I l e)
Crossed it, had taken
Me to the shore
I was looking for!
Svaha! I am
The perfect man
The Buddha of This World

I lookt up at the blue deep perfect
And askt Buddha Lord to perfect me
And said "What are the requisites?"
And he said "You are perfect already"
--Sullen ugly Wall Street buildings
So silly and stupid, the blind woe world,
All things endlessly living and dying,
In ignorance----and I thought:
"Whether as impalpable powder
Or as great cities visible from bridges
In these great universes, what
Matters it?, --it is only in the sense
Of cosmic unity that the Tathagata
Can rightly refer to is"

Chorus Six
World Without End, Ethereal Flower
----And the streets of time and grime
Without rhyme or dime, all crime,
In the blue sad belows of Manhattan,
And old dirty black and orange-shit ships
With dirt white substructures,
And wharves of rusty junk, & barges,
And I felt Exuberant
I felt I was the only Perfect Man
In the World, my virtue 100%
My only sin is lust--I like
Girls--I have no Self----
I have a Buddha Not-Self-----

Chorus' 7 and 8.
Suddenly, looking at the high City Hall
Towers with stone nymphs atop,
I realized I was going to save th'world!
I sand and marched: "This is the
Other Shore,
That we were looking for!"--
And:-- "I am the perfect man,
The Buddha of this world."----
Already perfect! -- I forget the details!
------Ruined dead buildings, with signs
Reading, "Varnishing" already vanishing
----Ugh! Glugh!
I wanted to call my mother

On the phone and say "I didn't say
I was going----I've crossed the river
Now, I'm over the bridge now,
I'm on the other shore now, I've
Reached the other side!"
The little glicks and dibbles
Of returning human humorisms I may allow
--It's mountaintop for me!
I'm a glutton, I like food,
I'm irritable when hungry, I like
A good supper, I like sex----conquer lust
And Buddha will arise in me

Chorus Nine
And now that I've
Achieved superhuman
Perfection and compassion
And knowledge, naturally
I've lost human talents
Of writing----temporarily
---Nowere to go -- All's
Been done, I can only
Tell you what God would
Tell you -- Dry your tears
------- All women are nuts
------- Dry up your sins --- me,

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