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Attractive & Unattractive

This song is by All Things Bright And Beautiful and appears on the album Love & Affection (2003).

Turn to the right. It's more attractive
Wear suit and tie. Loosen your grip
Say what you like, but do not say that
Take me to bed, but do not do that
Give me some space, love and affection

Please hold my hand when we cross the street
Write me a song. Sing it nice and sweet
I can't stand the way you're always singing
I can't stand the way you never talk to me
I love you now more than anything

Wear your black dress, the one I like the best
Don't speak like that, melodramatic
Be what you want, but do not be that
Go where you want, but do not come back
Just let me breathe. Come and hold me

You really need to try to get some rest
Just sit back. Close your eyes. Relax
Why can't you just finish anything?
Why are you still so demanding?
I love you now more than anything

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